Competitive Programming

I am quite enthusiastic in Competitive Programming, attended competitions from school-wise to international, and have been involved in coaching others for such competitions.

Currently, I am a co-coach for UCSD ICPC Club (2020-Present). My main role is to organize weekly meetings, coach and prepare students for algorithmic programming contests/interviews.

  • UCSD ranked third in the SoCal Regional in Feb, 2022, Congratulations!

I was a technical officer for the ICPC club at UIUC. I designed weekly contests and walked through solutions. I also coordinated the annual Spring Coding Contest at UIUC.

My participation in competitive programming has brought me

  • a bronze medal in the 44th ICPC World Finals at Moscow.
  • champions & medals in the North America Championship/Division Championships/Regionals
  • champion in IEEE Xtreme 13.0
  • many t-shirts.