CrossWeigh: Training Named Entity Tagger from Imperfect Annotations

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Our paper “CrossWeigh: Training Named Entity Tagger from Imperfect Annotations” is accepted by EMNLP 2019 as an oral presentation.


  • We correct the test set of CoNLL03 NER. This higher quality evaluation set can be used in further research. The dataset is avalaible here.
  • We design a mistake-aware framework CrossWeigh that fits any NER model that supports weighted training.


The label annotation mistakes by human annotators brings up two challenges to NER:

  • mistakes in the test set can interfere the evaluation results and even lead to an inaccurate assessment of model performance.
  • mistakes in the training set can hurt NER model training.

We address these two problems by:

  • manually correcting the mistakes in the test set to form a cleaner benchmark.
  • develop framework CrossWeigh for mistake-aware training.

CrossWeigh works with any NER algorithm that accepts weighted training instances. It is composed of two modules. 1) mistake estimation: where potential mistakes are identified in the training data through a cross-checking process and 2) mistake re-weighing: where weights of those mistakes are lowered during training the final NER model.

Please refer to our paper and github for more details.